Sunday, March 29, 2009

A rare bird for Iowa in my back yard

I have spotted a Chukar, a partridge type bird, a few times on my deck. It is supposed to live on the west coast, but it found some seed and a hill I assume it likes. We like to watch it and it even tapped at our window a few times. I wonder if it was someone's pet? Why would it be in Iowa?
Anyway, we like it and look forward to it returning to visit.

On another note, no additional funds have come in for my "Running for a Paws". I REALLY appreciate those who have given and I hope others decide to do so. It's such a wonderful cause that I really want to help. I can't do it by myself.

As for the running, I did a five mile run yesterday morning. It was cccccold. I was going to do one today since it's really nice out, but we're having a very nice family day mixed in with getting a few things done. We're about to head outside and enjoy the sun since it's going to be performing another disappearing act. Plus, it doesn't seem to be windy and since it has been the past SEVEN days, it's about time for a break.....just to give us more wind later today and a lot more tomorrow.

The first ten mile race is next Saturday. I will be taking it relatively easy this week (five mile runs and a few days off) so I don't overdo it. The worst thing would be to go into it really tired and then have more wind to contend with, so I'm going on the conservative side. Plus, I always run faster in races than regularly so I know I'll be sore anyway! I certainly don't come close to the winning times, it's more of a race against my own times. I do like to place in my age group, which sadly, did change this year to the 35-39 group. :( We'll see. Sometimes I do place, sometimes I don't~it always depends on the day everyone's having.

As for the kitties, I got them out of their room today to let them explore. They are so fun! They do have different purrrsonalities from each other, but I just love them. Goldie was more protective than I thought she would be...she basically sat by us and watched her babies. They will be four weeks old on Tuesday. Snickers is in the picture at the beginning of today's blog.
Time to go outside!

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