Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitten Mania

The kittens are just all over now! They are three weeks old today and developing their personalities quite quickly. They will open their eyes and try and wobble over to us when we come and see them. Goldie is still quite content to be in her room with the babies, but I did let her out on Saturday (the nice warm day) and she looked like she wanted to go outside. I think not. She's still such a sweetie and was protective toward my other cat so I think I'm keeping them separate as long as I can to prevent fur flying and hiss fights.
I've tried to get some pictures of the babies, but it's difficult when they move so quickly and when I get close, it's blurry. I'm going to keep trying and post what I can.

Update on running and fundraising:
I have to admit that I am really disappointed I haven't heard from anyone else but four people. It's discouraging, but it's supposed to be a spring/summer/fall campaign so I'm going to keep trying. As Tyler's favorite movie says, "Just keep swinging.". So I will. I have raised a total of $185 so far. I was shooting for about $1k by now.....JKS
I haven't run that much since it's windy and I've been really tired from last week. I'm working on strengthening the past two days and plan a longer run on Thursday due to weather. Looks like winter is coming again Friday and Saturday...I hope to goodness that our race next weekend will be nice and sunny so more people come out and it's more fun to run! It can be cold but I do not want to run ten miles in the rain!

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