Saturday, March 7, 2009

Training and a few other things, plus the recession

**I ran another 7 miles on Friday morning and I thought I was going to feel felt great! I'm looking forward to pushing myself with some interval training and speedwork. I have never really done that before and it's 'different', but I know I will need to try what the experts suggest to bring in my best times, hopefully my personaly bests, even before I had the boys!
**If anyone reading this wants to sponsor me, I will put your logo on my shirts.....
**I'm hoping to get my fundraising letters out early this week.
**It's really difficult for me to pick what charity I support....I would love to help everyone but I know I can't. And with all the economic news going on, it's very difficult for me to ask people for money for animals. BUT, isn't it true that it shows what society we live in when we can at least show animals some dignity? I know this will make a difference to many people and animals so I know I'm doing the right thing. I hope others can follow.
When I am faced with having so many different charities to help, I almost shut denial or something. But in order to make my dream of making a difference come true, I have to step up, face reality, and JUST DO IT! Thanks Nike!
**I really hope people will read this and follow my blog. I hope to write every day and keep others posted on what is going on with Paw Prints and my Challenge....Running for a Paws.

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