Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Nice Quiet Sunday-Go UNI Panthers!

Just wanted to update on the kittens....they are starting to walk around their big box and playing a little with each other. Another week and they sure will be playing wonderfully! I'm looking forward to figuring out their little personalities!
I am rooting for the University of Northern Iowa Panthers, my alma mater. Just found out they will be playing Purdue (yikes) in Oregon. I think I am losing my husband to Kansas City at the end of this week. Clemson made the Big Dance and is playing in Kansas City....he needs to go!
I digress.....I am sending out tons of my pledge forms tomorrow and am looking forward to a positive response. Hopefully more than three people are reading this blog!!
BTW, momma cat, Goldie, is just a sweet darlin' and I held her quite a while this morning and she just loved on me and purred. It's going to be hard to give her up, but she will make someone very happy.

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